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Welcome to Borderline, a small collective. Look around, head to the various hosted sites, and have a good time.

(3:15p.m.)September 15, unknown: farewell.
(4:44p.m.) March 20, 2012: I can't quite say what's gonna happen to this site. I haven't touched it for years and it's been gathering virtual dust like nobody's business. We'll see what we see. If you want to stay up-to-date with me, find me on tumblr, where I hang out frequently.
(2:35p.m.) December 13, 2010: What? Oh, well. I kinda started going to uni earlier this year and, well. I'm busy. Site will probably get overhauled into an art portfolio, whenever the time presents itself, that is.
(3:12p.m.)October 9, 2009: Cowboy Bebop fansite UP! You know you love my fast work, folks.
(2:00a.m.)October 8, 2009: Working on a few fansites of the Sailor Moon and Cowboy Bebop variety to add to the mush of websites I have - the SM one's being a grand pain in my ass because the test keeps coming up in Japanese (GDMT! WHY), while the Bebop one's still in the design phase. Thinking of shutting down Synchronicity because, frankly, I'm a lazy-ass bum and can't do constant updates for shit. Also trying to improve on coding skills to make better looking layouts that have more oomph to them. Patience is a virtue, folks. Also, I'll probably have a new layout on here after November since I have a Dir en Grey concert coming up, where I plan to snap billions of pictures to make up for all these years of no pictures, haha. Wait for the awesome.
(2:15p.m.)August 11, 2009: Wow I haven't updated in half a year ... haha. Well, new layout to appease the nonexistant masses. It's very pink and not really my style but it had to happen, haha. Anyway, expect updates to begin slowly happening all around, along with development over a general-tribute site to commermorate all the musicians I love that have passed away (I'm still recovering from the shock of losing Jasmine You, the bassist of Versailles, on Sunday). Anyway, I shouldn't be too busy anymore ... I won't be attending college for a while, which gives me a good chunk of free time to work on things like this.
(6:20p.m.)February 7, 2009: Slowly developing a new layout, and also a hide tribute site. Updated the Collection. Not much else on the wayside; I've been very unmotivated to work on any of the sites lately.
(12:56p.m.)November 28, 2008: I trust everyone had a good holiday? Finally got around to updating the links on some fanlistings, and am planning a layout revamp in the near future.
(9:42p.m.)October 26, 2008: Not really up to much lately. Working on new reviews for the movie review site, but am too lazy to work on updating the mp3 rotation one xD Wow. I'll be getting back to work once I hit Thanksgiving break, I think.