Borderline and its subsites run a long history. What you see in some of the subsites are ideas that were conceived back in 2002; it's only now that I've managed to get my act together to throw up a lovely piece of awesome for you.
This is an edited picture I took myself at the Nylon Summer Music Tour '09 from June. It features the French all-girl rock band The Plastiscines and is waaayyy pinker than I planned it to be, haha.

Past layouts: Be With Me (Eureka 7) [credits to onemanga) |

So, what's SoAaM stand for? It was the name of my very first website, Site of Anime and More. Lame name, right? Well, I was only twelve-ish at the time and very inexperienced. It was thrown together haphazardly, with backgrounds that were inconsistent and that were meant to be used as wallpapers. Nowadays, you can tell I've gotten over that fad, so ... yeah.

As it progressed, I kept working on my HTML and such, starting to make my own layouts and such, finding servers, working on PHP, yadda yadda. And eventually I advanced to my skills of now xD

Yeah. I just sorta felt like making a tribute sorta thingy to honor my poor website. In fact, try and see if this little diddy works: [link]

... go mostly to my pal Amanda, who endured my late-night rants on website crap and who played test subject for checking my site for things that need improvement. YOU ROCK DUDEEEEE.

Picture: taken by me, of The Plastiscines
Editing: Pixia